Daily Ruling Planets


Candle Color--Gold/Yellow
For acquiring renown and riches--To free oneself from prison--For dealing with government officials or others in authority--To repress others--For spiritual enlightenment--To dissolve hostile feelings--To make friends-- For gaining peace.

Candle Color--New Moon--Silver/White
--Full Moon--Red/Green
For safety in travel and protection in all areas--To bring rain--To acquire merchandise--To receive answers in dreams--In matters where children are involved--For reconciliations.


Candle Color--Red
To acquire courage--To overthrow enemies--For self-preservation and insure survival--To obtain military honors--To cause hostility among others--To wound others.


Candle Color--Yellow/Violet
For seeing into the future--All matters concerning the intellect--To influence the written word--To open closed doors--To acqure knowledge and understanding--To pass examinations--To settle quarrels--For all matters concerning reason and sensibility--Communication--Eloquence--Divination.


Candle Color--Bright Blue
To Gain peace of mind--For expansion of interests or holdings--To buy or sell real estate--To acquire money--Humanity-- Honor--Health--Friendships--Tranquility--Generosity.


Candle Color--Green/Indigo/Rose
To form friendships--Beauty--Love--Creativity--Sex--Kindness--Joy--Travel.


Candle Color--Black/Purple
For success in business--To impose your will on others--Concerns with food or agriculture--Hexing--Restrictions--To commune with the dead-- To sow seeds of discontent.