Hecate The Triple Goddess

This is the time of Hecate, the time of ancestral worship, the time for witches to draw near
the Goddess, who speaks directly to her children. This is also the night of the revengeful
Mother, Who is the fierce protector of her daughters when aroused.
If you have a blacklist of women's enemies, the score can be settled this night.

The original Holy Trinity was the maiden-matron-crone holding triple sway over
heaven, earth, and underworld. Her torch of lunar fire, serpent of immortality and
knife of midwifery imbued her with primal power, especially in Greek, Egyptian
and Celtic cultures. Christian tradition diabolized her as queen of witches
to obscure her importance to the agrarian societies of medieval Europe as a
source of healing magic.

Hecate has power over earth, air and water. The Romans greatly respected Hecate, and
while she never replaced Diana in mythology, the two became inseparable in the realm
of magic. In fact, Diana gained her reputation as a goddess of magic from this
identification with Hecate.

Hecate,also known as"Triple Hecate", is sometimes represented as a figure with three heads
and three sets of arms,in triplicate above the waist. She is often depicted as a youthful
woman, in traditional Greek gown, or sometimes naked on horseback carrying torches
(ancient Caria). Her animal is the dog, and she is depicted with a dog at her feet.

Hecate is worshipped primarily on the last day of the month -- that is, the day before the
New Moon. Little meals are put out at her small altars, often at crossroads, and these
meals are then consumed by the poor of the area. Her sacred plant is rue (Ruta graveolens),
and fruit pits of all types are offered to her. She is the goddess who rules over all
the demons and ghosts of the night. Medea in performing her witchcraft for Jason
repaired to an altar out in the woods, far from mankind. This is the type of environment
both Artemis and Diana frequent. Hecate hereself is associated with caves, and it was
while she was in a cave, thinking "delicate thoughts" as Hesiod puts it, that she heard
the cries of Persephone when she was being abducted by Hades (Pluto). This is one of the
few myths in which Hecate is involved, and she is a frequent participant in the
Mysteries devoted to Persephone and Demeter.

Hecate had her small altars at crossroads and was considered to be a guardian of these
roads. Those who offered little gifts to her along the way were more likely to be
protected against the demons of the night under her control.

Among her epithets are Heimarmene (Destiny), Moira (Fate) and Physis (Nature).
To them, she has the power to materialize the thought of the supreme deity onto the physical plane.

O Hecate, Goddess of life and death, beloved by us all, wake up from Your slumber, Earth Mother.
Let this all-holy Sabbat proceed in mirth, in understanding, in love and ecstasy.

Lady of tremblings, the sovereign lady, the mistress of destruction Who sets the world in
order, She Who delivers from destruction, lady of heaven, the mistress of the world Who
devours with fire.

Lady of the altar, the lady to Whom abundant offerings are made. She Who prevails with
knives, the mistress of the world, destroyer of the foes of the women, Who makes the
decree for escape of the needy from evil happenings.

Fire, the lady of flames who inhales the supplications that are made to Her, Who permitted
no man to enter at Her shrines.

Lady of the light, She Who is in front, the lady of strength, quiet of heart Who gave
birth to all that is alive, Whose girth is three hundred and fifty measures. The likes
of Her has never been found from the beginning.

Lady of might, Who dances upon the blood-red ones, Who keeps the festival of Hecate on
the day of the hearing of faults.

Terrible one, lady of rainstorm, Who plants the ruination of the souls of men, devourer
of dead bodies; the orderer and producer and creator of the slaughter. Dispenser of
light during Her period of life, watcher of flames, the lady of the strength and of
writing. She takes possession of hearts; She has secret plots and councils.


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